How to Create an Awesome Photo Collage with Photo Grid Online

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Photo Grid Online is a collage making software specially designed to help users create fun digital collages for different events and occasions. Photo Grid Online works with most desktop browsers and Android devices. Our easy-to-use editor includes elements and tools such as background patterns, colourful borders, image filters, collage formats, and more.
It’s all about your photos! Here’s a step-by-step tutorial showing how to create an awesome photo collage with Photo Grid Online.
Step 1: Select your photos
After opening the app, click ‘add photo’ to select and upload photos stored on your computer. You can use up to 36 photos in a single collage.
Step 2: Select a collage format
Photo Grid Online offers a variety of collage formats to help you be creative. We have 52 grid and 42 funky collage options.
After you find your preferred format, just drag and drop your images into the editing pane. You can arrange your photos in many different combinations.
Step 3: Customized your collage
This is the fun part! With Photo Grid Online you can adjust your collage’s border thickness and colour, select exciting background patterns, add cute clips, and play with photo filters. We have more than 180 background patterns and effects!
Editing, rotating, flipping, and cropping is as easy as selecting your image and the appropriate icon.
Step 4: Download and share your collage
Once you’ve created your dream collage, you can download your image as a high-resolution PNG file and share on social media.
It’s as simple as that! In just four easy steps, you created a customized collage that’s perfect for every occasion!

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